Will DroneMobile work with my vehicle

May 2, 2018
Drone compatible

DroneMobile is a connected car solution that offers a wide range of benefits to all drivers. If you are interested in adding DroneMobile to your vehicle, you should first ask yourself which benefits you would like to enjoy:

  1. Remote start
  2. Vehicle security
  3. GPS Tracking

If you want 'Remote Start' and/or 'Vehicle Security':
In addition to a DroneMobile Module, you will also need to install an aftermarket remote start/security system to your vehicle. While we recommend that you contact your local retailer to confirm the compatibility of your specific make/model/year, here is a general guide on what vehicles are compatible.

  1. American Makes (e.g. Ford, Chevy, Jeep) - 95%+ Models Covered
  2. Japanese Makes (e.g. Toyota, Honda, Nissan) - 95+% Models Covered
  3. Korean Makes (e.g. Hyundai/Kia) - 90%+ Models Covered
  4. European Makes (e.g. BMW, VW, Audi) - Limited Coverage, check with your local retailer.
  5. Super Luxury Makes* (e.g Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce) - Not Compatible

*Solutions available for Maserati models 2013-2017

If you only want 'GPS Tracking':
If you are simply looking for a vehicle tracking or driver monitoring solution for your vehicles/family, then DroneMobile will work with 100% of vehicles. This is because for tracking-only applications, the DroneMobile Module does not need to interface with any of your vehicle's internal components. All of the tracking and monitoring capabilities are built-in to the DroneMobile module itself.

If you are looking to add smartphone control and tracking to your vehicle, contact a local authorized retailer today, and find the solution that best fits your needs. Find a Dealer <

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