How to Buy

1. Find a Dealer

Purchasing your system from an Authorized Dealer gives you access to:

  • Retailers Nationwide 2,000+ Retailers Nationwide
  • Expertly Trained Installers Expertly Trained Installers
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Up to a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Feature List

2. Install Your Hardware

There are two ways to buy DroneMobile: as a standalone module or a package system. When deciding which type of system is best for you, our Authorized Dealers are your best resource.

Standalone Module

Add the Drone X1 MAX to any remote starter. With a built-in backup battery, on-board security sensors, and an accelerometer, the Drone X1 MAX is the ultimate upgrade.


  • Advanced Car Security Advanced Car Security
  • 24/7 Vehicle Monitoring 24/7 Vehicle Monitoring
  • Breakdown Prevention Breakdown Prevention
  • Family Sharing Family Sharing
Standalone Module

Custom Packages

DroneMobile now comes with certain kits sold by Compustar, Arctic Start, and FTX. Please visit your local Authorized Dealer to discuss which system best fits your needs, budget, and vehicle.

Visit these websites for packages that include Drone: > > >

Custom Packages

For help choosing the hardware that’s right for you visit your local authorized dealer.

Find a Dealer

3. Choose Your Subscription



USD per vehicle per month
  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • Smartphone Control
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Vehicle Status

Premium Plus


USD per vehicle per month
  • All Premium Features
  • Trip Reporting
  • CSV Reporting
  • Idling Alerts
  • Lifetime Warranty

Why Do I Need a Subscription?

DroneMobile keeps you connected to your vehicle through a cellular LTE connection. Just like your smartphone, this LTE connection requires a data plan. You can use DroneMobile on any network because the hardware has an LTE connection entirely separate from your cellular device. In short, our subscriptions are the cheapest data plans around.

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